A downloadable game for Windows

You've gone overboard, but you built a raft and now need to 

get past all of the sharks to make it to the island with the 

hut! you will have three hearts and you will lose a heart every

 time your raft gets hit by a shark so be careful!

 (When you get in the game read the dialogue at the bottom left.)

controls - (w a s d + space bar)

(Art by Pit, programming by efko)


GameJaming (4).zip 3 MB

Install instructions

you will need to unzip the file before you can open the game


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--O'Hare delivery guy


nice little game! the art is the strongest part of the game along with the really neat raft controlling mechanic. If you wanted to add on to the game play you could include a point system that rewarded speed of completion. and maybe power ups would be fun! :)